Digitalization and Innovation Capabilities

Digitalization and Innovation Capabilities

Digitalization of manufacturing (e.g. Industry 4.0) – the phenomenon of intelligent connected machines powered by information and digital technologies – is a key enabler for new business models and values within the process industries . Digitalization offers opportunities for new functionality, higher reliability, greater efficiency, and optimization possibilities that exponentially increases the value that manufacturing companies can deliver to customers .Digitalization capabilities provide new and untapped avenues for interacting with customers’ resources, processes, and performance .



To support your company’s usage of automation and technology which can result in tangible benefits and significant growth.

Scope of work can cover:

  • Adoption / development of sophisticated hardware and/or software solutions
  • Development of solutions that involve purchase of machinery and integration of systems
  • Training of staff to deploy solutions

2. Process Redesign

To help your company review existing processes and identify possible areas to improve efficiency. This is a critical first step before introducing automation or technology.

Scope of work can cover:

  • Review and streamline of workflow and processes to reduce or remove redundant processes
  • Explore the use of technology to automate processes
  • Review and/or development of performance measures
  • Development of tracking and measurement system
  • Development of detailed roadmap of actions for further improvement


3 .Product Development

To help your company develop innovative technology and products with the end goal of commercialisation.

Scope of work can cover:

  • Assessment of market viability.
  • Evaluation of potential demand and user understanding.
  • Development of product roadmap and proposed functionalities for the product.
  • Demonstration of market validation.
  • Development of commercialisation plan.
  • Review of IP considerations.
  • Development of prototype and small batch production, where relevant.

4 . Business Strategy Development

To spur the growth of your company through interventions in business strategies.

Scope of work can cover:

  • Diagnosis and gap analysis of your company
  • Assessment of internal and external factors, such as strengths and weaknesses, and competition
  • Development of a strategic roadmap, business frameworks, policies or processes
  • Recommendations and plans for implementation

Project may address any of these areas:

  • Strengthening of management system and processes based on the internationally-benchmarked Business Excellence framework to achieve “Singapore Quality Class” certification
  • Formulation of growth strategies to capitalise on opportunities and enhance competitiveness
  • Analysis of the impact of tariffs and International Trade Agreements, and the development of strategies to optimise business performance
  • Development of strategies and processes to protect and monetise intellectual property assets as well as optimise R&D operations