April Korea Blockchain Immersion Trip

April korea blockchain immersion

A group of public and private bodies from Singapore will team up in Seoul, South Korea in 2019 to learn and adopt Blockchain. This novel program is the first of it’s kind with a focused educational and training edge.

Organized by Walletton Holdings, the event promises to unlock new business models ideas. This event is fueled by Skills Future SG, Nanyang Polytechnic – Educational Statutory boards in Singapore.

The next immersion trip, which would be our second trip, would be held in April, 2019 so grab your tickets while it lasts!

What do we provide


Educational talks held throughout the trip to gain new knowledge


Learn best practices and stories to unlock new partnerships for growth

lightning talks

Cross-industry and cross region use-cases to spark innovative solutions.

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An Immersive Experience

Immersive Learning is one learning pedagogy at the forefront of modern learning. Using contextual scenarios to recreate purposeful environments can simulate higher order learning. 

In this event, we maximize experiential learning in an interactive, cross-cultural, cross-industry learning method to create a whole new way of corporate learning.


The first ever educational program to take Singapore to Seoul to learn about this monumental technology and how to create innovative models for businesses.

Topics range from the beginning of blockchain, blockchain in business, research-powered blockchains to very targeted problems in recruitment and supply chain management.

Our Partners

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The event promises to deliver




This institution won an innovation award endorsed by Ministry of Education.  The Government Statutory board for Education will attend.



This statutory board delivers Government Digital Services to build Smart Nation Infrastructure at the forefront of the industrial revolution.



The main driver of national health promotion and disease prevention programmes with a goal to drive healthy living and a green city.

supply chain


FMCG E-Commerce, mobility transport (Electric Mobility), Beauty and Health.
professional services


Robotics and AI to transform how people do business, also supply chain management.


Corporate Finance, Investment managers, Fund managers.


is this a government project?

A combination of different statutory boards, institutions are coming together to spearhead the growth of Blockchain in Singapore.

how do i take part?

You could contribute content by speaking, or being a partner to add value to our project.

I don't know much about blockchain.
should i join?

This event will be useful for both beginners as well as intermediate participants. 

can i speak? or be a partner?

Please email us at the email below to find out more! We would love to see how you could contribute to our cause.

We'll be organizing our next KBIT in September, 2019
For interested parties, do reach out to me @