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As businesses expand and branch out globally, it is imperative for you to keep pace with the dynamic and ever-growing digital marketplace. Here at Ace Walletton, we are experienced in solving and executing different areas of organizational challenges and our open-mindedness to new and emerging technologies has attracted clients from across Singapore.

Our Business Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of business solutions to business of all sizes, ranging from individuals, start-ups, SMEs and even MNCs in Singapore. Our team comes well-equipped with professional foresight, industry experience and technical knowledge.

Our services


We assist companies to cut down potential risks prior to business setup by identify potential business partners and/ or customers  (B2B) 


At Ace Walletton , we are proud to part of something exciting.  Blockchain has been on everyone’s mind recently but what is it exactly? 


Projects under Innovation and Productivity support companies that explore new areas of growth, or look for ways to enhance efficiency. 

What else we provide?

Superior Experience

Walletton consist of years of consultancy and industry experience. All setup to create the ultimate journey to fulfill your business objectives.

Unfaltering Management

No crucial details will be missed. Projects will measure up to world class standards and delivery. No more sleep-less nights ahead! This insatiable need for perfection gets us far!

Future Proof

A cultivated 360 degree look into industrial processes has given the team a unwavering motivation to study fundamentals to deep dive into new remarkable technologies.

Commissioned by MCCY to manage SG50 Jubilee Celebration 

Ministry of Manpower Approved  Workpro Worklife Consultant and Trainer

Enterprise Singapore accredited Consultants

People’s Association Lifeskills  and Lifestyle approved operator

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About us

Here at Ace Walletton, we are experience in solving and executing different areas of organisational challenges and our open-minded mentality to new and emerging technologies has attracted clients from across Singapore. Walletton, which is a S7 status Singapore Government GEBIZ service provider with tender capacity of S$5M, awarded with a 1-year contract to facilitate Korea Blockchain Immersion. Collaborating with the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, Nanyang Polytechnic, this is the one and only Singapore government supported blockchain immersion programme. As organizers, we designed an immersive adult learning pedagogy and blockchain adoption in business methodology to reflect the needs of the industry.

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